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The Legal Aid Society of Door County, Inc. (LAS) assists applicants with many kinds of legal problems, including:
  1. Government Benefits like Social Security, Social Security Disability, Supplemental Security Income benefits, and others

  2. Family law cases including divorce, annulment, legal separation, child custody, child support, and adoption

  3. Employment problems

  4. Estate planning including wills, health care powers of attorney, living wills, and financial powers of attorney

  5. Financial problems including credit problems, bankruptcy, and foreclosure

  6. Guardianship

  7. Landlord-Tenant disputes


LAS cannot assist applicants with personal injury cases because private attorneys often take those cases on contingency. Also, LAS cannot offer assistance with criminal, traffic, or juvenile cases. The Wisconsin State Public Defender's Office can help with these cases. Please see Other Resources for additional assistance options.


LAS offers services based on the financial resources of the applicant and his or her household. Eligibility is based on the federal government’s poverty level, which is adjusted annually. However, there are some exceptions – especially for people who are working and for domestic violence victims. Applicants will be asked about their household income and assets. All of the assets and income held by the applicant and members of his or her household are considered. Applicants who are denied service are provided with information about our appeal process.


LAS tries to locate volunteer attorneys to assist all eligible applicants. Sometimes it is not possible to connect an applicant with an available attorney; LAS maintains a waiting list for eligible clients in those circumstances. On occasion, LAS is unable to provide a volunteer attorney to eligible applicants because of the overwhelming need for legal services in our community.


To fill out an application online, click here.

You may also download our brochure there.



David Clowers is a local attorney who assists LAS by confidentially screening applicants for eligibility. In some cases, Mr. Clowers accepts referral of eligible applicants and in those cases, he provides legal services to them independently as a private attorney.

A 1972 graduate of the University of Chicago's School of Law, David Clowers has practiced law since 1973. Prior to going to law school, he got his BA and MA in English Literature and taught for three years at Drake University. He continues his interest in literature by writing and reading poetry as well as acting in community theater shows. For the past 13 years, he has done the Legal Aid Clinic in Door County, providing information about how the legal system works, counseling alternatives, and finding volunteer lawyers to help those who need the assistance of pro bono counsel.

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