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Why should you donate to the Legal Aid Society of Door County?

If you understand the necessity of access to the justice system in a free society and want to assist LAS in its work, please use the button below. Know that by doing so, you stand with other heroic Americans who defend the Constitution.

Please read the testimonial that a grateful client shared with us:

"The father of my six year old was released from prison and granted supervised visitation even though he had no contact with my son since birth and was not allowed around children. In a panic, unable to afford a lawyer and fearing for the safety of my child, I contacted the Legal Aid attorney who got the ball rolling right away and ensured that a guardian ad litem was assigned to my case. As a single mother, there is nothing more important to me than my child. As a mother I needed to do the best that I could, and I could not afford a lawyer. Because of that I would have felt like a failure. Now I feel like I’ve done everything possible. The care and concern that was shown to me and my son carried into other aspects of my life and this dad in a lawyer’s body has encouraged me to go to college. Thank you so much for helping us. The Legal Aid helps so many other people besides me. You really need to be here."


We use Paypal to securely process all transactions. It’s easy and we thank you.


Volunteer Opportunities

Let us know if you are interested in serving on our board of directors. We meet once a month, on the fourth Thursday of the month at 4:30pm in the Chambers Room Government Center, in Sturgeon Bay.

HELP out with a fundraiser. Fundraisers take time to plan and execute, and we need help! You can either contribute to the planning by attending planning meetings or by working at the event. We are currently planning the following events:


Volunteer and Donor Appreciation (Ongoing): to recognize the volunteer attorneys and the donors who make such a positive impact in our organization and community.


Support our partners at The United Way and the Wisconsin Trust Foundation.


Let's Make A Change

Here are some ways you can donate:

In Person

Legal Aid Society of Door County, Inc.

131 S. Third Ave.(Click Here for Map)

Sturgeon Bay


Make a donation‏.

Over the Phone

It's easy to donate offline too.

Tel: (920) 743-3934

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